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Herramientas de soporte remoto

Remote support tools

Find tools user-oriented to give support and audit the computers of your company.

Obtain a complete and detailed inventory of your IT assets in real-time.

Execute actions and commands to a group of computers simultaneously.
Seguridad y gestión automatizada

Security and automated management

Keep your computers secured, fast and updated. Leave behind routine tasks such as updates, cleaning processes and manual BIOS configurations.

Boardgent does all of this automatically for you. 

In case your computers are stolen, locate them and block their access  with our advanced security solutions. 
Administración fuera de banda

 Out-of-band management

Manage your devices even when their operating system is not working.

Enable the AMT technology in your  Intel vPro® computers from the cloud. 

What is Boardgent?

We are a SaaS that improves the productivity and security of companies working remotely by creating technological solutions and automations to manage their computers.

Different industries trust our solutions
Que es Boardgent
Solution 360º for the remote world


up to 70% of the costs of managing your company's computers.


your IT assets by having their location in real time.


information leaks and access by unauthorized people.


your team productive by constantly optimizing their computers.

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