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We keep your computers in the ideal state always
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An all-in-one solution to remotely manage your computers

Prevent malware from spreading throughout your computer network

When a company's computers have the same local administrator and BIOS passwords, it is easy for a virus that infects one of them to spread throughout the network.

Manage your local administrator passwords now
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Local administrator manager

Remotely support your employees anytime they need it

Users request technical support when their computer glitches, the system crashes, an application is not working, among others. Now, with people working from home, companies have opted for remote desktop solutions to avoid the high costs of face-to-face support assistance and users inactivity when their requests are not promptly addressed.

Support your users with remote desktop solutions
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Local administrator manager

Act effectively at computers theft 

Computers are one of the most important assets for companies since confidential business data and information are stored. That is why companies are constantly looking for tools to act promptly in cases of loss or theft of their computers.

Remotely erase your computer's hard drive
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Boost the productivity of your IT team in the remote world

In remote work, IT teams lose productivity configuring systems individually, computer by computer. Hence the importance of companies looking for solutions that allow them to perform routine IT tasks such as shutting down computers remotely, updating the operating system and antivirus, encrypting disks, and executing custom scripts in bulk.

Execute routine IT tasks massively
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Local administrator manager

Protect your company's confidential information from unauthorized users

Larger organizations manage hundreds of computers daily, and to do so, they have an IT team with unlimited access. When the local administrator passwords of the devices do not change periodically, the companies had the risk that former collaborators can access them.

Professionally manage the local administrator passwords of your computers
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BIOS administrator

Reduce the costs of managing your computers

More than 50% of companies in the world have chosen to continue working remotely after 2020 lockdowns. As l IT tools don’t meet the requirements for this new reality, companies needothers that let them support their employees and keep computers in the ideal state, regardless of their location.

Find an all-in-one solution to manage your computers
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Don't lose sight of the location of your computers in the remote work

People traveling at major US airports report about 10,278 lost laptops each week, a figure that alarms companies as more than half of their employees are working remotely. Therefore, companies are very interested in solutions that help them geolocate their computers in real-time to identify unauthorized movements, loss, or theft.

Geolocate your computers in real-time
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What is Boardgent?

We are a software that facilitates the remote work of organizations creating tools to manage and secure their computers

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information leaks and access by unauthorized people.



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