The solution that manages
the local passwords of your computers.

We stop the spread of computer attacks on your
company network

Technologies we manage


We prevent unauthorized users from accessing workstations with external devices such as USBs and Live CDs.

Manage the boot order of your computers, their MBR or GPT boot mode and accelerate other projects as the migration to Windows 11. 

Technologies we manage

Local OS administrator 

We manage the local administrator password of the operating system (Windows, Mac and Linux) preventing that the IT support area or external users have unrestricted access to the business information.

Technologies we manage

Intel® vPro AMT

We prevent the attacks to the vulnerabilities of vPro processors by generating random passwords.

Manage remotlely your computers at the hardware level when their operating system its not working or during a blue screen.

Technologies we manage


Identify if your computers meet the requirements to enable disk encryption with BitLocker. If there is any that doesn't meet them, go to the Boardgent console and solve it remotely.
Enable BitLocker and manage the recovery passwords in a centralized console.

Increase the computer security with Boardgent

Centralized management

Go to the console and securely request the passwords whenever you need them.

Audit logs

Identify who and when someone access a system.

Cloud or On-premise

Install the version that best suits your company’s needs.

Enterprise-grade security

Use a platform with secure protocols, digital certificates, and double-factor authentication.

Find on the same console

Complementary solutions to manage the security of your computers


Inventory of software and hardware

Seguridad y gestión automatizada

Remote hard disk wipe



Herramientas de soporte remoto

Remote support tools

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