Free inventory of computers
in your network.


Export your information

Boardgent Network Scanner allows you to export the inventory of the computers found in your network in a CSV format.

Hardware inventory

Receive detailed information on each hardware component installed on your computers. Includes Intel vPro AMT version and status (if applicable).

Boardgent agent deployment

Once your computers are discovered on your network, you can choose with one click, which will automatically begin to be managed by Boardgent.

100% Free

Boardgent Network Scanner is completely free. It does not requires active subscriptions in Boardgent

Standard ports

You don't need to risk your network's security by opening additional ports. Boardgent Network Scanner uses the predetermined ports of Windows and Linux.


Boardgent Network Scanner detects all your devices using ranges of IP addresses or Organizational Units (OUs) of Active Directory.

Geolocation of devices

Detect the geographic location of computers on your network to identify their distribution among your organization's offices.

Configure and unconfigure Intel vPro AMT

With a single click you can enable and disable Intel vPro AMT technology in devices that support it.

Protect your inventory

The inventory obtained from your network is encrypted with a password that only authorized people in your organization know. This information will not leave your computer.