The solution to encrypt your
hard drives remotely

Your computers are always secure and updated.

Companies of all sizes have had to pay an average of $200,000 when they have been the target of a cyber attack.

82% of the companies surveyed consider that they may be vulnerable to a cyber attack, according to the report
"The State of Incident Response 2021" by VMware.

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Why manage BitLocker with Boardgent?

Traditionally, IT teams have to go through manual, in person processes to encrypt hard drives with BitLocker. 

Boardgent has automated these processes, allowing IT departments to do it remotely and in bulk on all their computers with a single click.

What is BitLocker?

It is a full volumen encryption technology built into the Windows operating system to prevent the exposure of confidential information stored on lost or stolen computers.

Protect your information now


Turn on

BitLocker in minutes


Remotely lock

your computers in case of unauthorized access or employee termination.


Securely back-up

BitLocker recovery keys in a single place.

Boardgent makes IT security projects easy and fast.

Local administrator manager


We show you if your computers meet the requirements for BitLocker disk encryption.

In case of non-compliance with any of them, use Boardgent's automations to solve it remotely.

The requirements that you can meet with Boardgent:

Enable the TPM chip without entering each BIOS manually.
Change the BIOS settings from Legacy to UEFI mode.
Convert hard drives from MBR to GPT.
Manage the disk partitions remotely to meet the number required by BitLocker.
Local administrator manager


Encrypt the information on your computers with a single click and back up the recovery keys secure and centralized.

Local administrator manager


Identify unauthorized access to your computers, keep a record in real-time of the people who requested the recovery keys, and, if necessary, remotely block access to the device.

The benefits of protecting your information with Boardgent.

Transform your IT area.



money with an all-in-one solution to manage and secure your computers remotely.



your information stored on stolen and lost computers.



processes to increase the productivity of your IT teams.



the security of your computers in a single platform.

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