Why is it important to manage your company's IT assets?

July 13, 2021

In organizations, technology allows them to have efficient processes and maintain their competitive advantage in the market.

With the importance of technology in businesses, it is essential to have a highly trained area with tools that facilitate managing IT assets.

Computers have become the primary work tool for people around the world.

Fortunately, companies today can find solutions or tools that allow them to have an accurate inventory of their computers, support their users remotely and protect the information stored in their devices. Later on, to make continuous maintenance of computers, avoid unauthorized software installations, and record the location of the devices, among others.

These solutions make it easier for organizations to carry out processes that are adjusted effectively to each of the stages of the life cycle of IT assets.

Organizations usually determine that the cycle consists of five stages.


1.Planning of the infrastructure and technological assets that they need to improve their operation.

2. Acquisition of assets.

3. Integration of technology into the ecosystem.

4. Ongoing maintenance of devices.

5. Retirement of assets when their useful life is complete.

The main objective of carrying out each of these stages is to reduce support costs, mitigate security risks, and extend the asset's useful life.

According to Gartner (2021), asset management provides an accurate record of the costs and risks of the life cycles of technologies, maximizing the value that decisions regarding technology strategy, architecture, and financing bring to the business.

Is there a tool that helps companies obtain all these benefits?

Your company's computers are always fast and secure.

Like new.


Boardgent  is software created to support companies in each of the stages of the life cycle of their IT assets. In its centralized console, companies have a detailed inventory of their software and hardware, tools to provide remote support to their users, a map to geolocate their equipment in real-time, the status of their security tools, and the possibility of enabling automatic processes to update and optimize systems.

Evolve your organization's work into the remote world fast and easily with Boardgent.

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