The advantages of geolocating your company's IT assets

July 13, 2021

What is geolocation?

It is a technological solution that uses data obtained from an individual's computer or mobile device to determine their location.

How does computer geolocation work?

The process of locating a computer effectively is a very complex challenge that few companies have managed to develop. The most prominent solutions on the market today can be classified according to whether they locate devices at the operating system or hardware level.

Software vs Hardware


These solutions work from the operating system through an agent or hidden program installed on the computers, detecting the location once the device is connected to a network. The main disadvantage of this mechanism is that it needs the system to be turned on to be able to locate it.


Unlike operating system-level solutions, these communicate directly to the hardware through a mechanism installed in the BIOS. Therefore, it allows computers to be located when they are off or out-of-band.

The advantages of implementing geolocation in your company

Acquiring a geolocation tool for your company turns out to be a solution to increase the security of IT assets and facilitate the strategic decision-making process. In this sense, implementing security protocols for loss or theft of devices and planning strategies according to the geographical distribution of the workforce will no longer be perceived as a demanding activity, now that companies are working remotely. 

The advantages of geolocating your company's IT assets

Softwares like Boardgent understand the benefits they represent for companies, as they bring to the market innovative solutions to manage and support their devices no matter their location.

Its operation at the software level is constituted by a hidden agent that users cannot uninstall, which uses 4 technologies and 3 data sources to provide the most precise location.

To develop a solution at the hardware level, it works hand in hand with Intel vPro platforms, present in most of the computers in the corporate sector worldwide.

Unlike other solutions, when the computers support Intel vPro AMT technology, it is possible to obtain the location of a device even when it is turned off, the operating system is down, and if the agent manages to uninstall.

Additionally, it allows remote out-of-band desktop and boot to the BIOS when the device needs the operating system to be reinstalled.

Not only offers organizations the ability to geolocate their computers but also has remote out-of-band desktop applications and the ability to boot the BIOS and reinstall the BIOS. operating system.

To fully access these tools and discover how Boargent is the ideal solution for your company, you can enter here.

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