Remote assistance: why it benefits companies?

August 11, 2021

Remote assistance is not a tool to control or monitor your users. It is a mechanism to diagnose, process, correct, and improve the processes going on your organization’s devices.

According to Owl Labs (2021), currently more than half of the companies in the world allow their workforce to work remotely. Under this condition, it has been essential for companies to identify new mechanisms to support their employees and maintain their productivity.

The so-called “remote assistance” is a term to refer to the traditional help desk, but now with the possibility of diagnosing, managing, and repairing a device remotely.

Technology is increasingly present in companies of all sizes. The organization's digitization, the number of devices that need to be supported, and the economic resources have led some companies to choose to have an internal IT department.

Organizations typically hire a person or team to help users working remotely to keep their productivity by fixing their devices. To do this, they use different software that allows them to do remote desktop, geolocate devices, obtain an accurate inventory of software and hardware, and deploy software.

Around the world, different software has been created to facilitate this work, considering its importance for the optimal operation of organizations.

Remote assistance: why it benefits companies?

Main benefits

1. Costs reduction

Automated processes allow companies to reduce their costs by using fewer resources for their operation. In this case, by automating the routine tasks of the IT department of an organization, technicians and engineers will be able to focus on the core of the business instead of being aware of managing and maintaining the optimal state of employee's devices using multiple software tools for every need.

2. Information for decision making

Remote assistance tools facilitate the process of obtaining information about an organization's technological assets. Through this data, it is possible to make a timely diagnosis of the devices' problems, make strategic decisions, and implement massive security protocols to protect the information. All of this, regardless of their location.

3. Massive actions

Remote access solutions allow engineers to deploy mass executions without having to install software on a computer-by-computer basis manually. The result is a significant reduction in time and its allocation to activities more related to the development and improvement of the core of the business.

In this sense, companies no longer have to worry about the costs involved in technicians traveling to a user's workplace or the loss of productivity that generates devices not working correctly.

Remote assistance: why it benefits companies?

All benefits in one place

Although different brands provide us with solutions to remotely assist our company's computers, most of their offer is limited.

Boargent is a company that created software that automates all those IT areas' daily tasks to help organizations reduce their technology costs by up to 70%. It works as an IT area as a service by maintaining the devices of companies working remotely, continually updated, fast, and secured, from the cloud.

Boardgent understands the importance of remote assistance for businesses. Therefore, it goes beyond being a remote support software. It automates processes such as updating, optimizing and securing computers in a preventive manner.

Revolutionize the way your organization remotely manages and supports its computing devices with an all-in-one solution.

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