Managing your computers has never been so simple.

A solution that keeps your IT assets in the desired state

Evolve the work of your organization to the remote world fast and easy.

Control de inventarios

Inventory management

Find an accurate hardware and software inventory of your devices on the Boardgent console to efficiently allocate your IT assets and identify if your configurations are aligned with corporate standards.

Remote desktop tools

Support your users with remote desktop solutions that work with end-to-end encrypted communications.
Take advantage of the integrated audio calling system to communicate directly with your users without the need for third-party tools.

Herramientas de soporte


Geolocate your computers in real time to act efficiently when your devices are lost or stolen.

System status

Monitor in real-time the status of critical security tools such as antivirus, firewall, and hard disk to not affect the proper functioning of the system and prevent information leaks.

Diagnostico de seguridad
Administración fuera de banda

Out-of-band management

Activate and manage the Intel vPro AMT technology without the need for additional infrastructure.
Enable the out-of-band capacity to manage your devices remotely.
Geolocate them and support your users even when their computers are off, or their operating system is down.

The computers of your company always fast and secured. As good as you ever wanted. 

Software updates

Periodically update the operating system and the security tools of your computers. As a result, increase the efficiency of the systems, boost the productivity of your employees and reduce the probability of malicious intrusions.

Actualización de software
Seguridad del sistema

System Optimization

Automatically clean your computers of unnecessary, temporary, and junk files to liberate space and maintain performance.

Protect the computers of your company no matter their location. 

Seguridad preventiva

Preventive security

Update the Operating System automatically, encrypt the hard disk and manage the BIOS password of your computers in the Boardgent console to improve the security of your information.

Reactive security

Lock and wipe the hard disk of stolen devices remotely to assure your company’s data is safe.

Seguridad reactiva