Help Desk Costs

Real-World Success

Global IT service provider, CompuCom, estimates that performing repairs remotely with Intel® vPro TM technology can reduce per-incident costs by more than 90 percent ¹

Deskside visit: $187 vs Remote repair with Intel vPro technology: $12

¹ Source: Intel internal estimates, Gartner 2014 and CompuCom internal estimates.

Improving ATM Service While Reducing Costs

Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) serves nearly a million customers, with more than 180 retail locations and more than 450 ATMs.

BNZ wanted to improve both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by reducing ATM downtime. The advanced remote management capability offered by Intel vPro technology not only gives them pervasive, real-time visibility of their ATM hardware assets, it also provides direct power control.

They can power up devices for delivering patches, distributing software updates, or enforcing security policies. Also, when an ATM experiences a system crash, BNZ can avoid a costly truck roll by running diagnostics and remediating issues via a remote hardware-based KVM session.

Intel AMT even allows the technician to boot into the BIOS or perform remote reimaging without being physically present.

Managing a Global POS Fleet

METRO Cash & Carry is an international leader in self-service wholesale. Productive daily operations for them require fully functioning POS devices with up-to-the-minute pricing—something that has often required assistance from local staff, located in several different time zones.

With Intel vPro technology, however, METRO Cash & Carry can remotely update POS machines even if the location is closed and the devices have been switched off.

According to internal tests, they’re saving the equivalent of several days per month by employing the remote manageability features offered by Intel Core vPro processors.